C'mon, HTC certainly wasn't fooling anyone after the Herald was unmasked and taken from under wraps, but now the QWERTY-packin' device is finally getting a proper nametag. The HTC P4350, while far from being a new release, will "officially" sport a slimmer enclosure than the Tytn and foolishly lack onboard HSDPA. Apparently hoping to compensate, the quad-band unit will boast EDGE connectivity, Bluetooth, and WiFi options along with the usual compliment of smartphone functions. Aside from handling your Microsoft Office / Outlook needs, it will sport a 2.8-inch touchscreen, five-way navigational stick, 200MHz TI processor, 2-megapixel camera, 64MB of internal RAM, 128MB of ROM, and a microSD slot to store your extra files, tunes, or CIA material. Weighing in at 5.92 ounces, the 17-millimeter thick mobile should retail for "around $735," and if all goes as planned, will hit European shores next month.

[Via The Unwired, thanks Jonathan]