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Loc8tor Tracking Devices

Our tracking devices will keep tabs on everything you own. From finding lost keys to tracking pets, right through to locating children and protecting / tracking your business assets. In fact there’s not much the Loc8tor hasn’t been used to find.  Try any of our pet, personal locators or GPS tracking devices risk free with our money-back guarantee. Select a category below or go direct to the Loc8tor Store.


 “You have NO IDEA what the Loc8tor Lite tracking device has meant to my parents! My father is 90 years old and he has lost most of his short term memory. Every few days he loses his keys to the house or his glasses case.  Without your homing, tracking device I think we would have already spent thousands of dollars changing locks and buying glasses! Thanks again.” C. Ojserkis Atlantic City, New Jersey read more
  Loc8tor Plus
  “I love your product. I am currently reordering more tags. I use it especially to track my austistic son's ipod and other small electronics. I also always attach one to his clothing so that I can find him if he wanders away. I can always find my keys” J. Gravino,  USA read more
Loc8tor Pet Bundle
“I have two cats who mean the world to me ........... I was worried they wouldn't tolerate the tags, but to my surprise, they have no problem with them......... The Loc8tor Pet Loc8tor pet is an absolute godsend and worth every cent!” D. Melissa, New Zealand read more
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“Love the Loc8tor GPS and just wanted to tell you how much we’ve come to rely on it. My husband because of his condition frequently wanders off. I can now see exactly where he is and pick him up quickly without all the stress and uncertainty of trying to find him. Thank you for such a great GPS tracking device ” Sara -  London,  UK read more