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Philips joins the Vista SideShow party with new remote

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Philips SideShow Remote SRM7500SideShow was quite the rave at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, and it’s not done yet. Meet the new Philips Vista Remote (SRM7500), which is a SideShow remote that communicates with your PC…while it’s off! – just like any other SideShow device. The remote will also control your Windows Vista Media Center PC, and includes an LCD monochrome screen for viewing your mail, calendar, etc. via SideShow. Philips has also mentioned that the SRM7500 has “the largest database of any universal remote control on the market today.”

The Vista Remote will ship within the first quarter of 2007, so stay tuned. Pricing has not yet been announced.

Press Release [Philips] Via [EverythingUSB]

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