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Mi Jam mixing deck


Is your budding career as a world-famous DJ being thwarted by the fact that all you have to work with is an iPod and a dream? Well, be thwarted no more, my friends, for thanks to the Mi Jam portable mixing deck, now you shall have music wherever you go: and great, great music it shall be. No more will you be forced to spend years saving up for a set of cumbersome decks: Mi Jam works with any MP3 player, and has two scratch discs, programmed rhythm selection buttons, digital voice, techno effects, tempo and volume controls which will let you make any tune your own, for better or for worse.

"With a little practice and luck you can start a career as a professional DJ and earn tons of money!" is the slightly ambitious claim of Mi Jam sellers, Redsave, who add that "You might be bigger than Paul Oakenfold or Tiesto and mix your tunes in the famous clubs and venues all over the world!" Wow, instant fame and fortune, all for only £59.99!

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