Heart Shaped Frying Pan

Heart Shaped Frying Pan

This one can’t be considered a gadget per se, but it is so cool and uber that I decided that it deserved a mention at U-R.

Since an image is worth a thousand words that seems to be the case with the Heart Shaped Frying Pan, like you can see on the image the special designed frying pan can create a fried egg with a shape of a heart – can it get any better for a morning breakfast for your loved one? I guess not.

Besides offering heart shaped fried eggs, imagine the other possibilities… like heart shaped pancakes? Or scrambled eggs? Use your cooking imagination and I bet that you can get some pretty decent results.

(Important) Technical Specifications:

  • 12cm non-stick frying pan
  • Not suitable for dishwashers or microwaves
  • Clean with hot water and mile detergent
  • Do not use a scouring pad

Price: $12


About the author: Tiago Gaspar


Website: http://www.uberreview.com


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