Geek Couture: The Lego Belt

Any self proclaimed Geek knows that Lego is cool. The best way to show your love for the plastic building blocks is by wearing it around your waist so the world can see. Unfortunately, no real Lego is used in the belt, but I’m sure that could easily be modified by any crafty person.

Price: $20



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  • Jay Wilson

    That’s perhaps the single geekiest fashion accessory since the Atari 2600 joystick belt. I’m not sure which would take the crown in a geek accessory rumble.

  • Mike

    lol i would soooo wear that :)

  • Nathan

    Where can I buy it?

  • Mia

    Hi there, this is Mia from Thank you so very much for posting this! It’s such an honor to be considered ‘geek couture’, I love it! Keep up the genius work!

  • Ashlee

    I would wear it too. I love legos! But I hardly think it’s the geekiest fashion accessory ever. I can think of quite a few accessories that would be considered way geekier!

  • Patrick

    Where do I get me one of those!?

  • Vic DaSilva

    You can purchase it at Fred Flare.
    The link is in the post but here is the link again:
    Is the link in the post not working in some browsers?

  • Liz

    i love it

  • roro

    so cute! revolutionary fashion!

  • houston

    i dont know about the lego belt, im rockin out the linkinlog belt…. word.

    uh just jokin you lamw asses

  • Kyle

    I don’t understand.
    How is this geeky?

  • Graeme

    You know what i think is even geekier? them new square glasses at lenscrafters

  • AshtonFake

    Its pretty bad but not like… THE WORST XD

  • billy joe

    i love it i could play with it on the bus to the star wars convention if i stuck some real lego on B) so fantabulous!! :P

  • laura

    aww, i think it’s kinda cute. I’d buy it.

  • Brian

    Does it come in large sizes for us with 55+ inch waist lines????

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