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Yay or Nay Wednesday - Heated Ice Scraper

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It doesn't look like much, does it? The ice scraper, one of the things most of us carry in our cars ready for those frosty mornings. This one of course does stuff. Well, plug it into your car cigarette lighter so that it heats up then get rid of that irksome ice. Quite useful I suppose, especially for the small sum of £7.50 but then a jug of hot water from your tap costs you relatively nothing. Will you be carrying a heated ice scraper with you this winter or not? Yay or Nay and why?

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  • lou

    i realise this is aimed at the folks in the more northern part of the world, but it would be a nay from me in Sydney.

    maybe 3-4 days in a winter does a bit of frost build up, but then again i leave the house at 5am and when normal people leave their house at 7 or 8am (or later) it has usually melted.

  • kostia

    I have an electric heated ice scraper and it takes so long to heat up that it doesn't do any good at all. By the time the car's been running long enough to heat up the element from the lighter, the heat in the car is on and I can get the ice off easily with a regular plastic scraper. I'd love a new electric one if it had some sort of instant-heat LED-based thing going on, but as far as I can tell they aren't there yet.

  • You don't get boiling water from my taps. I mean hot as in warm.

    Hasn't cracked my screen every frosty day for the past three years.

  • RosieC

    Hot water from your tap?? An excellent way to crack your windscreen.

    My mum bought me a battery operated scraper with additional light last Christmas. Totally rubbish. You're as well off turning the car heaters on then scraping round with an unwarmed scraper

  • If I had a car, I'd definitely buy one. Infact, I may just buy one for my Mum, in winter where she lives in Australia it gets minus degree frost and she spends 20 minutes pouring water over the windows, and scrubbing them with newspaper. You shouldn't use hot water btw, as it can crack the glass!

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