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Rumour: Big changes to the look of Apple's iPhone iOS on their way

So how does Apple make the next iteration of the iPhone the consumer electronics object that everyone will lust after? Well if some interesting rumours are to be believed it we might be about to see a total overhaul of...more

Join in the Britannia fever with this retro-style hip flask. Hand-bound in calf leather with a hand-stitched Union Jack flag at the front. Kidney shaped stainless steel hip flask with a captive top.
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The Shiny Shiny guide to Father's Day Gadgets and Gifts

There's not long to go now and if you are going to get your dad a little something then you better get into gear. Here then are a few gadget and gift ideas.Related articlesThe Shiny Shiny guide to Star Trek...more


Samsung Galaxy S4 sells 10 million in first month - how does that compare to iPhones?

There has been a fair bit of speculation in the last few days as to how many Samsung have sold of its flagship Galaxy S4 phone in the month since it launched. Well today it offered up the figures and...more

Web Fun

Scooter man has four crashes and plunges into a pit in one minute - the best driving video ever?

There really isn't a great deal to say about this video- just watch it. How he manages to crash four times in around a minute is astonishing. And then the grand finale in the pit - and judging by...more


The Shiny Shiny guide to Star Trek Gadgets and Gifts

There are two types of StarTrek gadgets. There are those that featured in the films and the TV series - that one day might actually become a reality. And then there's the fun stuff. the things you can collect and...more


HTC drops Desire 600 mid-range smartphone - looks good

HTC is countering rumours that it might be in a spot of bother by attacking on two fronts. Firstly it claims that its flagship phone the HTC One - the one with the very classy silver stye finish - has...more


As tweeters confuse EDF with the EDL here are other classic Twitter mix ups

You have to feel just a little bit sorry for the person running EDF Energy's Twitter account this morning. It sounds like they have been besieged by tweets angry about the behaviour of the protest group the EDL - English...more


Video spy specs that will give the Daily Mail kittens

As you probably already know Google's Glass is a gorgeously high tech product that have huge number of uses from offering sat nav type directions to enabling a person to have instant access to emails. Except that the good old...more


Shiny Shiny guide to luxury Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

As you would expect one of the fastest selling phones in mobile history has spawned a huge number of cases and accessories. Interestingly there is already quite a number of high-end luxury style cases for the mobile and here are...more


Google's Samsung Galaxy S4 not coming to the UK

A few days ago during Google I/O the company took the wraps off a version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that also incorporated a Google Nexus experience. the key difference between it and the existing version of the S4 is...more


Fancy a gold BlackBerry? You need the Porsche Design P'9981

Believe it or not there is still a market for stupidly expensive designer mobile phones. And it doesn't matter that much if their specs are ever or so out of date as long as they are finished in something shiny....more

Web Stuff

After Tumblr Yahoo turns its attention to Flickr

Yesterday was a pretty busy day for Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. Not only did she finish ensuring that the deal to buy blogging service Tumblr had gone through she then turned her attention to the phoot sharing service Flickr which...more


Active version of Samsung Galaxy S4 on its way - specs and pics leaked

If you love your outdoor sports and fancy a new Samsung phone then it might be worth hanging on for a little while longer. It seems that the much rumoured Active version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 could be hitting...more


Shiny Shiny guide to outdoor games for grown ups!

Why do games have to be exclusively for the kids: Surely adults are allowed to have fun post school days? There's nothing like re-mastering your stunt kite skills or remote-controlled flying toys - as a far more capable grown up,...more


Sony's rather impressive Xperia Tablet Z hits the UK stores

Sony Mobile is undoubtedly on a bit of a roll at the moment, what with its excellent Xperia Z and rumours of this amazing smartphone. And now it is the turn of its rather impressive tablet, the Xperia Tablet Z,...more


Shiny Shiny guide to Luxury iPad Mini Cases

Bought yourself a lovely new iPad mini? Well the range and the quality of the cases for your new device gets better all the time. Here are our favourite new high-end iPad mini cases....more


The image on Obama's Tumblr that encapsulates the differences between the US and the UK

While looking for an image for a Tumblr story I stumbled across this recent image from Obama's blog. For me it totally encapsulates the differences between the UK and the US in the way we see the world, but especially...more


Tumblr to Yahoo? But would Tumblr users just not go elsewhere?

Are you a Tumblr fan? Do you have a blog on the world's hippest platform? Well if so you might want to spend a few minutes digesting this. The normally very reliable All Things D is suggesting that Tumblr...more


Turn your photos into whimsical wonders with the A Beautiful Mess iPhone app

The Beautiful Mess iPhone app, from the cult lifestyle blog of the same name, is designed to let you enhance your photos and turn them into quirky masterpieces. You can personalise images with layers of text, doodles, borders - and...more


Bang & Olufsen launch BeoLab 14 5.1 surround sound system: Retro chic for home cinema fanatics

High-end audio manufacturers Bang & Olufsen have launched their first dedicated 5.1 surround sound system, the BeoLab 14. And, in typical B&O fashion, it's as expensive as it is stylish. Consisting of a subwoofer and five satellites, they're primarily made...more

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