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Escort announces StickyCup

by Edwin - on May 26, 2013

Escort Inc. might sound like a company that actually does something more adult oriented, but in reality, they are the designer of the world’s best radar detector – or at the very least, this is what they have claimed. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so we look forward with bated breath as to whether the StickyCup that hails from the folks over at Escort will be able to function as touted. Just what the heck is the StickyCup? Well, it is actually a full-featured bracket mount which includes a semi-sticky gel ring that is located on the cup surface itself which will improve cohesion and detector support on your vehicle’s windshield.

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LG Display has next generation display technology in the pipeline already

by Edwin - on May 26, 2013

It goes without saying, where any company that intends to remain stagnant wherever they are in the market at the moment run the risk of being obsolete within a short period of time, especially in a highly competitive environment. The display market is one such dog-eat-dog world, and there is no room for rest, even for the established players. LG Display has had a pretty good record at rolling out fantastic looking displays in the past, and they do not seem as though they want to relinquish their position in the market by introducing their next generation display technology at SID 2013, with their now famous curved 55” OLED TV and 5” plastic OLED panels being on parade there.

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Stash – Waterproof Pocket Shorts

by Julie - on May 26, 2013

You can feel it in the air, this half of the world is welcoming summer. Days at the beach, tubing down the river, and the associated electronics wrangling. Where do you put your phone? Leave it on the towel and watch it from the water, thinking that somehow you would actually be able to swim ashore and run up the beach to catch the opportunistic phone thief before he hits his car and speeds away, all the while calling people overseas and in California who later purport to have no idea who the thief may be, even after speaking with said-criminal for well over an hour? But I digress… Continue reading » Stash – Waterproof Pocket Shorts

Automatic Electronic Pet Door

by Edwin - on May 25, 2013

When it comes to dog owners, I would say that I can classify them into two different groups – the first would not mind Fido staying indoors with them, jumping into the same sofa while they munch on popcorn and watch the favorite soppy movie together, getting fur all over the place, while the other group would be one that is so strict, anything four legged is not allowed through the front door. Well, if you happen to fall under the first category, you can always check out the Automatic Electronic Pet Door, where it will come in $799.95 and $859.95 models.

The Automatic Electronic Pet Door is pretty much self-descriptive – it will be able to open itself up automatically whenever a pet approaches it in the right direction. Installing it is a snap, where it goes into a sliding patio door frame, and whenever a pet that wears the included ultrasonic collar comes within 1′ to 10′ (you as the owner can set the distance), the pet door will automatically open to let the pet in or out. There is also the added flexibility of allowing the door can to be restricted in a way where a pet can only enter or leave the house or to prevent the door from opening. It is built with quality, thanks to a rigid aluminum frame, dual pane window made of hermetically sealed, tempered glass, and air-tight pet door which locks with a dead bolt to deliver a secure, weathertight barrier.

MP3 BBQ Grill

by Edwin - on May 25, 2013

There is nothing quite like the feeling of having not only good food (especially a BBQ, of course!), but also to have great music to go along with it. What happens when you want both of them together, and yet you are working on a limited budget? This is where the $199.99 MP3 BBQ Grill comes in handy, where it will be able to keep hungry stomachs full with the right kind of fare, in addition to keeping your ears entertained, and to get your booties shaking the next time you throw a poolside BBQ party. Heck, you can also drop the poolside, and the MP3 BBQ Grill will still work just right.

The MP3 BBQ Grill is a clever electric device that was specially developed for outdoor as well as indoor use, sporting a generous 200 square inch cooking surface which is ideal for grilling vegetables and burgers among others. Not only that, it comes with a non-stick coating to ensure easy food release and cleanup, where there is also a center channel that drains away fat into a large grease tray. Thanks to the 10-watt speaker, this is the most complete BBQ grill you can ever look for if good music and food are right up your alley. In addition, you can also crank up the integrated AM/FM radio or plug in any iPod, iPhone or other MP3 device to get your music fix.

Compose by Ouyang Xi – Your Music Writes Itself

by Julie - on May 25, 2013


I hate to admit that I took 2 years of guitar lessons and I can only play the first few cords of Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water. I guess I’m one of those people who simply isn’t musically inclined. I used to write some poetry that I would have loved to turn into songs, but I couldn’t read or write music either. So I guess it’s safe to say I’m not destined to be a rock star. Continue reading » Compose by Ouyang Xi – Your Music Writes Itself

MSI does it again with new GX70 and GX60 gaming laptops

by Edwin - on May 24, 2013

I do not know about you, but for me, a gaming notebook is a poor (an extremely poor one at that) substitute for a full fledged gaming desktop. After all, you do not have the luxury of a really large display for your eyes to enjoy superb visuals, not to mention the kind of audio that is pumped out from your notebook speakers tend to be lame – very. Of course, if you are a gaming addict, then at any time that you need to get that gaming fix of yours going, a gaming notebook would be the ideal solution. After all, something is better than nothing at all, right? MSI certainly knows that they have a couple of models in the market that will appeal to the masses, and they are the new MSI GX70 and the GX60.

Continue reading » MSI does it again with new GX70 and GX60 gaming laptops

Remote Controlled Backyard Mosquito Mister

by Edwin - on May 24, 2013

Sometimes, I do wonder whether some animals in this world are redundant. Case in point, does the pro of mosquito larvae being food for select animals outweigh the potential pest factor of a fully grown adult mosquito? Getting bitten by mosquitoes whenever you go out on a camping trip is no fun at all, you know. Thank goodness the advancements of technology in the modern world has led us to this particular road – a $299.95 Remote Controlled Backyard Mosquito Mister.

Should the Remote Controlled Backyard Mosquito Mister live up to its reputation (or at least, product description), then this backyard mister is capable of repelling mosquitoes within a 2,000 square feet area, and not only that, it can also be operated remotely from a safe distance away. It will rely on EPA-registered permethrin to get the job done, which so happens to be a synthetic form of naturally occurring pyrethrin that is derived from chrysanthemum, where it is good enough to kill up to 90% of mosquitoes, flies, gnats, no-see-ums, ticks, and other biting insects while repelling them for up to half a dozen hours with a mere four-minute misting. Don’t worry about toxicity levels, as permethrin biodegrades so fast, it is safe and gentle on the environment.

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