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Logitech diNovo Edge Review

Nov 14 2006, 12:00am CST | by

Logitech diNovo Edge Review

If you are in the market for a new keyboard that has something different from the typical keyboard masses out there, Logitech has your number with the diNovo Edge keyboard. Fantastic looks and great features make the diNovo Edge keyboard a star on paper, but how will it fare in real world use? Read on to find out.

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Logitech diNovo Edge ReviewLogitech diNovo Edge ReviewLogitech diNovo Edge Review


Logitech calls the diNovo Edge the worlds most advanced keyboard, which is steep claim. Unlike most of the Logitech diNovo line, the Edge does not include a mouse. Logitech recommends that you buy and use their MX Revolution, which is a stupendous mouse and makes for a great wireless desktop.

Logitech diNovo Edge Box

That said you don’t have to use a mouse at all with the diNovo Edge. The little black circle on the right bottom quadrant of the Edge keyboard is a touch pad pointing device like those we are used to seeing on notebook computers.

Logitech diNovo Edge Touch Disk

Under the circular touchpad Logitech included two buttons for the mouse right and left click and the white curved lines around the touchpad are for horizontal and vertical scroll. Right above the touch pad is the volume control that is touch sensitive. To move the volume up or down you simply drag your finger up the marked area and little LEDs follow to indicate the volume level you are using.

Logitech diNovo Edge Volume Control

No matter how cool, attractive and feature loaded a keyboard is, what really counts for myself and many other users is the typing feel. Logitech used what they call the PerfectStroke key system consisting of a precision micro-scissors mechanism to make the key strokes natural and fluid. The system works and gives the Edge fantastic typing feel nearly ideal in my book with no spongy feel and no excessive and annoying click sounds. Goldilocks would find it just right.

Logitech diNovo Edge

The svelte diNovo Edge is one of the thinnest keyboards around at a mere 11mm thick. This makes for a very comfortable typing position that doesn’t force your wrists to bend nearly as much as typical thick keyboards. The surface of the keyboard is cut from one single piece of high gloss black plexiglass for a fantastic sheen. Coupled with the shiny black Logitech used a brushed aluminum wrist rest that nicely offsets the glossy black. Logitech even included a custom polish cloth to remove the fingerprints the glossy surface attracts.

Logitech diNovo Edge Thin Side

When you hit the red FN key between the right ALT and CTRL keys you get secondary controls that illuminate over the top of the function keys these alternate controls are the standard media control fare with music and move playback control keys. You also get hot keys for web surfing and application launching as well as four hot keys you can map to applications of your choosing.

Logitech diNovo Edge FN Keys

Connectivity with the diNovo Edge is via Bluetooth using a USB powered Bluetooth dongle. Range is so good I would not believe it if I read it elsewhere. The diNovo Edge has hands down the best wireless range of any keyboard I have ever used. This is THE ultimate media center keyboard.

To test the range I moved to different points in my house and simply typed away to see if the keyboard would still work. My home is not large at about 1500 sq. ft., but I do use WiFi in the house. I ended up three rooms away from my computer, behind four walls with my closet door shut and the Edge typed away as if I was sitting right next to the computer. Very very impressed am I with the wireless range Logitech gifted the diNovo Edge with.

Logitech used a rechargeable lithium ion battery in the Edge and made some bold claims for their recharge time. Logitech claims that in 5 minutes you can charge the keyboard for a days use and that in two hours you can charge the Edge for up to two months of use.

Logitech diNovo Edge in Charger

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They are right, I charged the keyboard for exactly five minutes, timed with a stopwatch, and proceeded to use the Edge for a full day of nearly constant use. When the next day rolled around SetPoint said that the batteries were good for another 39 days of use. Keep in mind this is with a mere five-minute charge. This one feature is a huge improvement for users like me who find that they frequently forget to recharge wireless peripherals.

The batteries in the diNovo Edge recharge using a base station, which is where the Edge draws its name. The recharge station holds the keyboard flat on its edge; the contacts for charging are right below the Logitech logo under the brushed aluminum wrist rest. The diNovo Edge is compatible with Windows XP SP2 and Vista.

Logitech diNovo Edge Recharge Contacts



  • Thin profile
  • Great typing feel
  • Fantastic wireless range
  • Fast recharge time

  • Expensive for a keyboard alone

Overall, it has been a long time since I have been so impressed with a keyboard, let alone a wireless keyboard. Logitech gave the diNovo Edge the best of everything, best typing feel, best battery life, best recharge speed, and the best range. Simply put if you want the best wireless keyboard around, the Logitech diNovo Edge is it. The only draw back is the price; at $199 for the keyboard alone low cost is the only feature you will not get with the Edge.

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