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Samsung Washing Machine Decorated in Red & Gold, Washes Clothes

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SAMSUNG_2_jpg.jpgKorean designer, Andre Kim, has turned his fashion eye to home appliances - decking out a new washing machine in a combination of bold red with gold accents. And in case your choice in appliances is dictated in much the same way my people used to choose blue jeans in the 1980's, Kim's name, also in gold, adorns the center of the door - thereby making this washing machine much more flash than any clothing I would actually wash within it.

Samsung -[via Akihabara News]

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  • Anonymous

    Isn't this machine available in straight red without the gold distraction from LOWE'S?

  • JenAnime

    The day I become a millionaire, and can afford to buy and import one of these I will own one. A nice change from the ho-hum machines we get stuck with here. Then again, most tech from Asia rocks, whereas ours are stuck in the dark-ages.

  • I love the washing machine but I don't think I could do the print.

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