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Mustek launch two new portable TV/DVD players

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Mustek have launched two new portable TV/DVD players, just in time for the Christmas rush, and the inevitable hours in the car travelling to visit relatives. The MP70D features an integrated digital TV tuner on top of the DVD/CD input, and enough memory to store over 1,000 programmes. It's got a stereo speaker, as well as a headphone jack and anti-shock protection to make sure your viewing is smooth, whether you're experiencing turbulence or not.

The MP80D has all this, as well as a USB port, so you can load it up with media straight from a memory stick. There's even a MMC/SD card slot for even more ways of getting your pics/music/whatever. It features a 8" display, versus the 7" on the cheaper model. This costs £199, whilst the MP70D costs £179.99.

Product page: Mustek

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  • sunil kumar tunwal

    sendig full detail

  • i would like that piece of tech in my car

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