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All I want for Christmas is... 48 Mimobots artistically storing


Dear Santa:

I know I'm a bit too old to ask for a dolls and toys, but I assure you my desire for a full army of mimoco's Mimobot USB flash memory devices/artistic creations/hoodie-wearing robots have everything to do with having a reliable storage device on hand, and nothing to do with wanting to stage desktop dramas with my flash memory sticks. Or the fact that I have an odd obsession with pirates and ninjas, nor even because I find it incumbent upon myself to make friends with all invading relocating alien robot lifeforms, just in case they later decide to take over the Earth. (Even ones masquerading as characters from the Star Wars movies.) I just want to be sure all my important data, like my Christmas list, is backed up and on me at all times. After all, I'm sure you digitally back-up your lists; it'd be a real shame if you lost them after checking them twice.

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