Having seen literally hundreds of iPod-friendly speakers and docking stations in our day, it takes a pretty outrageous model to get our attention -- when you cover gadgets on the daily, gimmicky dog-, fish-, egg-, bear-, DJ-, and car-shaped speakers are par for the course. But just when we thought we were completely impervious to strangely-shaped accessories, along comes the one-in-a-million product you see pictured above: somehow, somewhere, someone thought that there was a market for a speaker that habitually reminds you of the tedium of ironing. Although the 3-in-1 "Iron Speaker" can be had for a ridiculously cheap $10, it still manages to stay pretty faithful to the domestic appliance it mimics; the controls are shaped like a steam button and settings dial on a real iron, and the cable even has two completely useless protrusions at the end that make it resemble a standard three-prong wall plug (see diagram after the jump). Oddly enough, you also get an alarm clock whose face is on the bottom of the unit, as well as an FM radio with antenna built into that strange cable. Available in pink, lime and orange from a seemingly reputable eBay store, this speaker is the perfect holiday gift for your housekeeper, dry cleaner, or anyone else who's fond of both music and crisp, wrinkle-free shirts.

[Via Crave and Chip Chick]