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A Year of Living Generously: a fun way to do your bit for the environment


For 12 months more than 1000 people, spread all around the country, are attempting to support and inspire each other in A Year of Living Generously. This is an online experiment based on the premise that looking after this planet and its people is what we are all here for, and that if lots of people make small changes to their everyday life they can, over time, make a big difference.

It's everything from turning off the tap while you brush your teeth to reduce water consumption, signing up as an organ donor, switching to fair trade products, to phoning a friend you don't see often.

In its pilot year, 100 people signed up. At the end of the year, they found the members wanted to continue, so they opened it up to 300 people. When that filled up quickly, and a waiting list kept on growing, the organisers decided to open it to everyone.

You can send in suggestions for actions, and Generous will mail you with different ideas and relevant resources if you want to take part. Don't worry about being bombarded, though; this project isn't about guilt, it's about inspiration.

I'm signing up; are you?
A Year of Living Generously

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