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Yay or Nay Wednesday - Smores Maker, are foodie gadgets here to stay?

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Last week I asked you about girly pink tool kits and the vote was split even. You had a variety of opinions which include colouring tools pink smacks of condescencion but you'd consider pink if the tools were well made and not cheap tat. Really though you just want something that won't break, fits your hand and other people to put your stuff back where it belongs. Hear hear!

Somewhat cruelly this week's yay or nay picture - the lovely Smores maker, a delicacy lost on this European - is shown with food but when you get it, you'll have to trudge out to the store to buy your own lovely chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers. It has a central roaster for melting your snack and a rotating tray base so you won't waste any calories actually reaching for stuff. Is the snacky food gadget still in vogue or did it go out with the dusty old cheese fondue set? Yay or nay?

Get it here - $36

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  • Gadgetgirl

    What the heck are Smores? We don't all live in the USA you know...

  • I'll have to agree with Amanda... I love smores but you can make them just as easy in the microwave.

  • Amanda

    Nay, it's cute but I think I'd use it once and then it would sit in a cabinet forever.

  • Francesca Ossi


  • Alton Brown says "Say no to unitaskers!"

    'Nuff said.

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