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fosfor gadgets | May 26, 2013

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Windproof turbo jet lighter

Classic Turbo Jet Flame

If you want to carry the coolest lighter in the gang you might want to check out this $20 windproof lighter called The classic turbo jet flame.

Full press release:

The Classic Turbo Jet Flame®
The next generation of windproof jet flame lighters that don’t burn a hole in your pocket

Has the Zippo finally been superseded? An exciting new range of lighters have been released that may have at last put to bed the days of smelly petrol fumes, flimsy flints and wilting wicks.
True Utility, the company of gadget entrepreneur Lee Berman, have designed a windproof lighter which boasts a piston hinged lid and a Zippoesque design. Optimum style, no smell, and pure unadulterated power.
The ‘Classic Turbo Jet Flame® has the latest windproof technology, enabling you to light a flame in the most windiest conditions you’d brave, threatening to light more than just your cigarette. But if it’s all too much for you, just turn the flame adjuster down a tad, you big Jesse.

The lighter is one of many of True Utility’s products that Berman believes can arm people’s pockets for modern
life, “Before there was a company, there was a concept; to liberate people’s pockets from the oppressive clutter of everyday life. Our new range of products recognize the needs of dynamic, forward thinking individuals” he explains.

Windproof Turbo Jet Flame
Flip piston hinged lid
Flame adjuster
Aloy body
Product size: L58 x W36 x D13mm
Product price: £9.99 ($18.6)

Classic Turbo Jet Flame

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