Alright fellas, if you're sitting around enjoying the cool breeze emanating from your seat cushion, then you're fully aware of how invigorating a USB-powered gizmo can be during the summer months, and equally aware in the depths of winter. For that lucky lady in your life (or cyberlife), these comfy G-Gloves (G for girl, we presume) can keep her hands warm during those chilly December fragfests, and thanks to their ability to quickly convert into mittens, even her fingertips are covered. Sporting a detachable cable, on / off switch, alphabet stitching, dual warming pads, two-levels of heat intensity, and the ability to get toasty through any powered USB port (yes, even the Wii), these should be a sure fire (ahem) hit in the stocking this holiday season. The G-Glove hand-warmers are available now to heat things up in pink or blue for $22.

[Via MobileMag]