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Toni and Guy Digital Palm Dryer - not for hands, for hair

The name of this is somewhat misleading in that it suggests it might just be for drying your palms. Why would you want a dryer to do that when there are towels aplenty and that nice new invention from Mr Dyson. This is a hairdryer, see, but without the handle and lumpiness associated with hairdryers. Instead it slots neatly into your palm so you can wield it around your locks easier. It's still corded though - £29.99

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  • Stephanie Brown

    I am currently doing a hair dryer project in univesity and i was wondering could you tell me a bit of information on why you decided to invent a hairdryer without no handle because i thought of the same idea.Dod you find it to be quite a difficult project to do? What did you make it from and what processes did you persue??

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