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Titan gear overs a flexible metal shell for your 2G iPod nano

Sections: Accessories

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GizMac ipod nano 2g titan gear caseIn case your iPod is planning on being hit by a hammer or another destructive device, GizMac has started shipping of their Titan Gear for the iPod Nano 2G.

The Titan product line consists of industrial looking metal cases with the motto of “`Cause Everyone Wears Their iPod Differently.” The included carabiner, armband, belt clip with 360-degree rotation and lanyard accessories provide a wide range of ways to wear and show off the anodized aluminum Apple iPod Nano. Titan Gear Nano iPod case attachments are modular, they provide the ability to easily upgrade and customize the Titan Gear for a more personalized look.

The Titan Gear has a retail price of $24.99 and they are available now for the new iPod Nano.

Update: The original version only allowed for use of two of the four attachments at one time. A new version of the Titan Gear iPod Nano accessories attachment set now allows for use of all four attachments at one time if desired. Switching between attachments with the new version is as easy as sliding the new Nano out of one attachment and into the next one.

Read [GizMac] Via [Mobile Magazine]
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