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Porsche – Siemens Toaster

Porsche - Siemens Toaster (Image courtesy By Andrew Liszewski

So if you don’t think you’ll be seeing a brand new Porsche in your driveway anytime soon, what about one in the kitchen instead? This brushed aluminum two-slice toaster was designed by Porsche and besides being the best looking toaster I’ve ever seen it also has some nice features.

It uses a quartz heating element which is apparently one of the most efficient elements around and has a memory function that will remember the last setting you used to toast your bread. It also has 11 degrees of browning which is sure to please anyone and will automatically adjust to the thickness of your bread. Oh and keep in mind if you’ve got bread with sharp corners it’s ‘Slow in, Fast out…’ (I hope someone gets that.)

The Porsche-designed toaster is available from for ?118.50. (That’s about $224 US.)

[ Porsche - Siemens Toaster ] VIA [ Josh Spear ]

  • Dave

    slow in fast out, the only way to take a turn… this is one nice looking bread burner, makes me hungry, I think its time for breakfast 2.0