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Pink Swarovski Crystal Nintendo DS Lite

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Now, I know we can sometimes be a suspicious of companies who think all they have to do to sell to girls is to create a gadget that's a) pink and b) covered in Swarovski crystals (or "bling" as they like to call it), but even I have to admit that the people who "blinged" the DS Lite did a pretty good job. Lookit!

There are over 1,200 crystals on each limited edition console, all in varying shades of - what else? - pink, and you'll find them at the Multipazz boutique in Central London, where they're selling for £360. I'm deducting a few points for the fact that this design was apparently inspired by Paris Hilton, but other than that, good job done.

Nintendo DS Lite

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  • Sammy

    got the ds with crystals on its fab and so glam i totally recomend it to any gals that are looking to glam up their gaming! lovin it x <3

  • vanesaa

    i love it its so lovely

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