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Pink Skateboard, as seen on Nollie - Shiny Media's extreme sports blog for girls

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curly_girls.jpgNollie is one of Shiny Media's newest blogs, and it's got all kinds of exciting looking gear on it. This skateboard deck from the excellently named Curly Grrlz, is built from 100% Canadian and US maple, with 7-ply construction. I reckon you'd have to be a bit of a skateboarding super star to go about on this candy pink construction - otherwise you may feel like just a bit of a prat. Surely there can be nothing worse than falling on your bum in public with a skateboard that appears to have been stolen from Street Skate Barbie?

Read all about it on Nollie

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  • ann

    this is such a cool skateboard can I have it :)

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