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Jabra Bluetooth BT 8010: Talk and listen, or just listen

Sections: Accessories, Audio, Communications, Portable Audio

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Jabra BT 8010Sometimes don’t you wish you could just leave on the same headset for music, and for talking on the phone? The Jabra BT 8010 has two ear pieces, a mono one for talking on the phone and a stereo one for listening to streaming music – sounds perfect, right? The device is compatible with Bluetooth 2.0, and you can listen to music for up to six hours or talk for up to ten hours. The rechargeable lithium polymer battery can be charged in two hours, and can operate in the stand-by mode for up to 300 hours. At 37 grams for the stereo unit, and 23 grams for the mono unit your ear won’t even notice you are wearing it.

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  1. can it be used to any cellphone.
    please tell me for which handsets it is compatable.

  2. Just got this and use it with my AT&T Tilt/HTC Kaiser. Works great as both a stereo headset and a simple bluetooth headset for handling phone duties. I was actually surprised by the audio quality, expecting not too much (but it was on a special at Fry's for $39.99, making it a no-brainer since even if the A2DP sucked, it was still a good price for a mono headset). I think it's a good product.


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