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A cellphone your kids will want to have

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Sprint PCS Vision Phone Sanyo SCP-2400To help parents stay connected with their children and maintain some control of their children’s wireless phone usage, Sprint has released the the Sprint PCS Vision Phone, Sanyo SCP-2400. This is a phone that will calm parents nerves by allowing them to monitor and limit/restrict phone usage without causing a fight with their kids. Other competing models look nothing like cellphones “everyone else has,” causing arguments and disagreements between parents and their children. The Sanyo has all the built-in control needed and comes in a variety or colors.

Parental control features include, allowing parents to easily manage whom the child calls and who can call the child. Parents can also lock services like Sprint PCS Ready Link and Sprint PCS Vision, which can help the child to avoid data charges that may not be included as part of the families’ wireless pricing plan. This phone will be offered in Silver Sky, Midnight Black, Dark Bronze, True Blue and Misty Rose that appeal to “tweens” and teens. The SCP-2400 by SANYO supports Sprint PCS Vision, Sprint PCS Ready Link, SMS Voice and Text Messaging, and Wireless Backup.

The SCP-2400 by SANYO will be available in early July for $179.99, or $29.99 after rebate with a two-year subscriber agreement.

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  1. eu so quero q meu celular esteja desbloqueado q eu possa fazer varias ligaçoes…

    bruno lima alves

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