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How do you sell more wine?

Ask the WineExpert

Is your business looking for an edge? It would be great if your sales staff knew everything about every wine you stock, every special and every promotion. Because quite simply, the more they know, the more they'll sell.

But it's too much information for any sales member to deal with - except one THE WINE EXPERT. The Wine Expert is the fastest, most efficient way to increase sales of all the wines in your store. The Wine Expert is a new concept in the retail sales of wine. It is purpose designed software designed to act in this unique sales environment - for customers actively looking to purchase wine right then, right there. In your store.

the wine expert software will give you

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How much will self managed software cost you?
- less than the cost of two coffees a week.
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liquor information kiosks

The Wine Expert is
an interactive software program designed specifically for wine retailers in the liquor industry.

Ideal for:

Bottle Shops
Boutique Wine Merchants
Duty Free Stores
Mass Merchants

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liquor information kiosk - superior customer service wine notes and store wine configuration - expertly trained staff wine kiosk advertising - better marketing