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The Bowlingual Dog Translator

bowlingual dog translator By David Ponce

Being Man’s Best Friend doesn’t necessarily equate with being Man’s Most Intelligible Friend. That’s why we think The Bowlingual Translator could be a handy tool. In its memory are 5000 sample dog voiceprints, which are catalogued into 6 distinct patterns, including sad, frustrated, alert to danger, needy, happy and self-assertive. Simply tell the device which of up to 200 different breeds your dog belongs to, and you’re sure to make sense of all that barking.

Does it really work? Hell, for $50, it won’t cost you too much to find out, though it’ll be hard to tell whether or not it’s right. I mean, what the heck is a self-assertive dog?

[Bowlingual Translator] VIA [GizmoWatch]

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  • violet_yoshi

    This looks alot like something that would sell big in Japan as a novelty. I say this, because of the overall cutesy factor involved. You know how the Japanese, and well most American Kowaii (cute culture) fans, just love obnoxious cuteness. Even if it’s completely impratical otherwise.

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