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SanDisk launches Sansa e280, world’s largest capacity flash-based MP3 player

Sections: Portable Audio

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Sansa e280

After releasing the rest of their Sansa e200 series flash-based MP3 players earlier this year, SanDisk has unveiled the big daddy today. The new Sansa e280 sports an internal 8GB flash drive, making it the largest flash-based MP3 player to hit the market. With an added 2GB SD card, the device can hold 10GB of your favorite media. In addition to rolling out the e280 for the holiday season, SanDisk has also lowered the prices of the rest of the e200 line. The e250, e260, and e270 will now run you $139, $179, $219 respectively, and the new e280 will run you $249. Look out for the e280 in stores today.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    i want you to help me repairing my sansa sandisk 8gb mp3 player… i bought is yeterday but when i press the power button to ON it.. its blue roller light is ON continuely and i cant do nothing init.. even cant see anything in the screen…

    if sort it out my problem as i was going to give this to somone as a gift..


  2. dear sir/mademe

    i am a year 11 student at the howard school england i am
    asking for permission to use the image of the mp3 player on this
    web site for my course work
    if i can please e mail me as soon as possible
    thank you
    i am looking foward to your response


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