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LG’s super sexy projector

Sections: HDTV, Home Audio

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LG Projector

I have a beat up old projector with a blue line running through the picture, a loud whirring fan and a bulb that overheats every 45 minutes or so, and still, I love it! You just can’t get better than seeing Big Bird life size on your bedroom wall (My son gets a kick out of it too). But for most, such a monstrosity, besides being woefully out of date, would be just too much of an interior design eyesore to bear. Well, LG has got the look for those who prefer their electronics more aesthetically pleasing.
The new modern day art deco-eque wall mounted projector by LG Mobile has just won its third in a string of awards for design. The latest honor for the product is the coveted Gold iF Design Award (acclaimed as the Oscar of design awards), being preceded by a “Best of the Best” Reddot Design Award and the 2006 CES Innovation Award.

Sadly, the product is not yet available in US, with no release date currently published. It is, however, available elsewhere in the world (though I failed in my attempts to track down precisely where). While I applaud the innovation, sleek style and mountability of the product, I rather feel it looks like a high tech Big Brother/Nanny Cam at best. But heck, that’s me. I’m sure if the lovely people at LG ever felt the need to send me one to review, hands-on, I would admire it whole-heartedly and treat it like a fine work of art. Ah, but to dream.

Read more on the LG Wall Mounted Projectors accolades [LG Global]

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