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Laser cordless mouse for notebooks

Sections: Accessories, Laptops

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 Logitech V450 Laser Cordless Mouse for NotebooksWe all know, or are told to believe, that laser mice are much more accurate than optical mice – - and that we need them for our day to day computing. While this may not be true for only $49.99 (or less on other sites) the Logitech V450 laser cordless notebook mouse seems like a great deal.

Laser claims to deliver smoother scrolling and accuracy (though my optical seems to do a great job clicking links). Some people need more precision, but I doubt they will be using a wireless notebook ‘mini mouse’. The V450 does also have some built in ergonomics to make it better for you hands as well as great battery life, and on/off button, a battery indicator light, 2.4 GHz cordless signal, side-to-side scrolling + zoom, and a integrated spot for the receiver.

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