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'Kid Chic' TV. Because Kids Don't Watch Enough TV As It Is.


I don't know: maybe it's just me, but weren't we all supposed to be encouraging our kids to watch less TV, rather than dressing it up in fancy costumes and encouraging them to watch even more of the stuff? Apparently not, for first we had The Tadpole - the iPod case that makes TV addiction a doddle - and now HANNSpree are proud to announce the launch of what they call 'Kid Chic' TVs.

There's one shaped like an elephant and one shaped like an apple, one shaped like a teddy bear, and one shaped like a big red fire truck. There's even one shaped like - wait for it - a big bag of McDonald's fries, so you can encourage your kids to love TV and junk food!
Have I tempted you yet? It's certainly tempted me, and I don't even have kids. If you do, you can make their every dream come true from just £199.99. [Update: Unfortunately, the fries and the firetruck are only for the US. If you're in the UK, you'll have to choose from an apple or a selection of animals including a giraffe, a zebra or a sheep. Draw your own conclusions].

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