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Hasbro’s tiny video player for kids

Sections: Audio, Gadgets / Other, Portable Audio, Portable Video

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With a screen literally the size of a small postage stamp, Hasbro’s Massively Mini Media player is sure to frustrate teachers and delight kids across the US. The video player can fit in a little kid’s hand and has a 1.1 inch OLED color display. You can listen to FM music with the tuner and even record live radio (RIAA flag). It comes 128MB built-in memory good for approximately 2 hours of digital music, 1 hour of video, or 1,200 photos. It also ships with a (non rechargeable) battery, ear bud headphones and a USB cable for loading media from a Windows 2000/XP PC. The MMM is available in retails stores now for $79.99.

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