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Goggles to prevent onion tears

Onion goggles don't have the same effect as, say, beer goggles do. Much like swimming goggles, they have a foam seal around the edges that is designed to keep things out. In this case, they keep out the tear-causing onion fumes and allow you to see clearly as you do your prep work in the kitchen.

Your eyes water when you cut onions because the onion cells have enzymes that, when released, turn into irritating gasses. Once the gas reaches your eyes, the body starts producing tears to cleanse them.

You could still choose to wear swimming goggles to get the same effect, but thebenefit of choosing these is that they simply slip on like regular glasses and don't have an elastic band holding them in place. Plus, white plastic glasses with foam padding are simply all the rage this season. Didn't you know?


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9-07-2006 @10:22AM jmforester said... I am constantly amazed at what people will try to market. Wear goggles to cut onions? All you have to do is store your onions in the fridge and cutting them won't cause a tad of a tear.

Albert Q. Bui

9-08-2006 @5:19AM Albert Q. Bui said... cut the onions next to an open flame and the gases are sucked up. thanks martha


9-18-2006 @12:32AM Nyssa said... If you wear contacts, you won't ever have a problem.


10-09-2006 @3:00PM Veronica said... I am a contact wearer and have problems with my eyes tearing when cutting onions, I think this is a great idea for people with sensitive eyes!

Barbara Day

10-31-2006 @2:48PM Barbara Day said... I use onion goggles at a college kitchen for 1500 students where we use onions for MANY, and for many reasons.....This is the best way. we do not have room to out anymore crates of onions in coolers or to keep a fire going to suck up the onion fumes. we also have a food chopper but we chop every day and in LARGE is a life saver to me

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