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Gadgetell Review: IRISCard PRO business card reader

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Product: IRISCard Pro business card reader
Price: $199.00
Rating: Good – 7.2/10.00
Pros: Good color quality, 10 seconds per card, scans other small papers (post it notes, receipts, pictures), export to multiple programs, accurate OCR, simple installation
Cons: Manual feed only, not every card transfer its data accurately, could be more advanced.
Overall: Good card reader for people who have the time to sit and feed their cards through. The small size makes it easy to carry with you but the small size also hinders your ability to scan cards automatically.

IRISCard PRO business card reader

The IRISCard PRO is a business card reader that allows you to digitize your rolodex. The device is USB powered and has built in optical character recognition. It scans in black and white, as well as color at 600 dots per inch, delivering crisp images of your cards. The reader requires you to manually load the cards through as it scans onto the supplied program, before allowing you to export the cards to various productivity suites.

Design – 7.3 - The IRISCard Pro scanner has a very simple design but I feel it lacks the proper functionality it should have. In keeping with today’s technology and the growing pace of it, I would like to see some functions on the scanner itself perhaps a hard drive built into the scanner with a battery so that I could take it with me, scan some cards (especially at trade shows) and plug it into my computer later. The dark blue plastic scanner is not hard on the eyes and its small stature makes it easy to transport. If a basic design is all you want then this scanner is all you need.

IRISCard PRO business card reader

Features – 7.3 - Having your information retyped after the card is scanned is a great feature the only problem is the ‘reader’ may not always be as accurate as you would hope. When I first started using the Scanner I did not know that I had to manually turn on the auto recognize function. If your settings are correct and your ready with your business cards then the auto scan function works great, but still not perfectly (100% recognition) like advertised on the box. If you want you can also export your information into your various programs such as Outlook, Palm, ACT, Entourage, etc. The software supports a multitude of languages, which is great for those international contacts. The software also keeps an image of the card for those times when you do not remember the name of your contact nor the name of the company but would recognize the logo.

IRISCard PRO business card readerPerformance – 6.9 - For someone who had tons of cards lying around it was great to find a program that would not only scan the cards and input the information for me, but one that would not take too much time. I said earlier how the auto scan function works great, and from scanning to the auto recognition I was able to scan a single business card in 10 seconds. The ten seconds was not so terrible but other scanners are slightly faster. The features are exactly what you are looking for in a business card scanner, although I would prefer some extra special function (ie. internal HD so that you can scan cards when your away from your office) For what your getting its a pretty good deal. A quick scan and a descent recognition software. The cost of product $199.00, the time it takes to scan a single card 10 seconds, no longer getting tied down to stacks of business cards that may get lost…priceless.

Editors Note: The categories were weighted in the following manner to reflect the importance of some features over others. Design 30%, Features 30%, and Performance 40%.

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