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Envirovision Waterproof Television with Freeview

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No point having a TV in your bathroom if you can't get the Freeview digital channels as well. Luckily, the people at Envirovision have had the same thought, and now you can choose from four different models of digital waterproof televisions. These stainless steel, widescreen TVs also come with a range of inputs, top-up tv integration, and digital/nicam audio. Plus, you can choose from mirror polished, black mirror polish or gold stainless steel finishes. So now you can have a relaxing evening bath whilst shouting at the [politicians on Newsnight/idiots on a reality TV show/that Kellogs Frosties boy] (delete as applicable). Prices start at £999.00 and you can also get ceiling mounted waterproof speakers.


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  • Check out www.BuyCleverStuff they have 15" - 32" waterproof tv's starting from just £599.99

  • Debbie

    Check out TechVision's website! (

    They're launching some fantastic new Waterproof TV's this year, many of which are smaller and more affordable to what's currently on the market.

    Later this month (May 07) they will be lauching a 10.4" Digital Waterproof TV RRP £600!

    TechVision is an importer/distributor, so doesn't sell directly to the public, but they are very helpful and will advise whether you can purchase their products retail!

  • lol I have to ask why on earth would anyone want a waterproof television!!!!

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