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Protect your notebook with the cut-resistant Targus DEFCON lock

Sections: Accessories, Laptops, Security

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Targus defcon lock laptop

Notebook computers are stolen at a rate of one every two minutes, making notebook theft the third most prevalent computer crime in the nation.

The DEFCON CL Armor Combo Cable Lock incorporates cut-resistant steel-on-steel cable construction that attaches to any notebook computer, desktop monitor or projector with a lock slot. The lock’s steel cable is covered by steel ringlets to prevent the cable from being cut with cable-cutters, making it one of the most durable locks on the market. In fact, the steel ringlets are so strong that attempts to cut the cable typically result in damage to the cutters.

The Armor Lock allows each user to determine their own four-digit combination that can be reset as needed. The DEFCON CL Armor Combo Cable Lock is 6.5 feet long, fits any standard lock slot and comes with a limited one year warranty for $34.99.

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  1. Hello,

    If the 4 digits that is used to unlock the DEFCON CL Armor Combo Cable Lock is forgotten, is there any way that we can open the lock?


  2. You would probably need something along the lines of blot-cutter.


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