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Microsoft announces 360-degree camera for conference calls

Sections: Accessories, Communications

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Micorosft RoundTable VoIPMicrosoft Business Division President Jeff Raikes recently introduced the company’s latest VoIP breakthroughs. As a part of their Unified Communications Platform, companies like HP, LG-Nortel, and Samsung will manufacture devices that will enable business customers to communicate with Voice and Video over IP. In addition to making the standard, Microsoft has also produced a sweet product of their own. The Video conferencing camera called RoundTable makes it so everybody at the table is visible during meetings.

TG Daily: “One of the things that we’ve learned from our research is that it’s possible to view the meeting in about half the time just by using good compression of the normal pauses in human speech – which, of course, leads to the great paradox: If you can review the meeting in half the time after the meeting, who wants to go to the meeting in the first place?”

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