Lighted Swim Mask

by Liam

Lighted Swim Mask
This would be another fun summer gadget especially at the lake when you want to examine the murky depths of the bottom. The Lighted Swim Mask lets you do just that by lighting your way through the water.

With the two attached headlights above the face mask, you get a powerful, double beam of light projecting ahead of you. You shouldn’t need to adjust the lights as they cover a wide field of view directly in front of you.

The mask stays waterproof for up to 35 feet below the surface of the water, so you can take a look at things quite far down. They require 4 AA batteries which last for hours of fun.

I think this gadget would be a whole lot of fun, it would be neat to see what’s at the bottom of the lake by my cottage. It would also be cool for swimming at night so you don’t suddenly run into a dock or something!

I also think that it would be fun to use in conjunction with the Seadoo Seascooter GTI. You could have an illuminated, automated swim!

The Lighted Swim Mask is available for $21.98 from Things You Never Knew Existed.

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